Thursday, February 11, 2010

SRK is on the terrorist watch list

Inexplicable global icon, Shah Rukh Khan is in the news again for the racist treatment he receives from aviation athorities in the western world. If you recall, last year SRK was detained for two hours, TWO HOURS! at Newark Liberty Airport. If you don't recall, I'll let Jon Stewart and Asif Mandvii refresh your memory.

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I, like any other Desi, was outraged! SRK!?! he's a national hero! Sure the US denied he was detained but that was George Bush's America things were different then. However, I'm beginning to get a little suspicious now that his full body scan was allegedly printed and posted on the internet. The reason I'm a little incredulous is his movie is being released in a week and once again the airport denies it.

So in summation, SRK is a liar and a cheat and he can't play basketball. Also he's got nothing to hide, we, at BihariShabab, already saw his "goods" and now can't look him in the eye, thanks a lot youtube.

Wait, I'm not done. Not gonna lie, but when I hear about racial profiling at the borders or at airports I kind of feel left out. I mean, I'm a Muslim, brown, young, strikingly handsome, and I have a beard but nothing. Not even a "sir can you step out of line please". I'm not asking for a cavity search just a little bit of a delay so I can build up some outrage. When is it going to be my turn!?!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aaaand We are Back...

Hello there friends. How's it going? Aur sunaao, Mummy / Papa subh teek taak? So Fahad and I decided the one thing missing from our lives was blogging for copious amounts of hours during the day just so we would have no readers. We lead a pretty irrelevant life as it is, but miss being irrelevant on a level that can be proven by numbers (pageviews / comments).

Luckily for us, the most important thing to ever happen to the sport of cricket took place last week, so we have something to talk about.

Shahid Afridi bit into a cricket ball.

Now we're not exactly Cricket aficionados here at Bihari Shabab but apparently this is a huge disgrace of some sort. My brother was up in arms in about this all week. But since he's not here, we're going to substitute this gentleman,whose reaction I found on Youtube, for him. He accurately captures the disgust and disappointment but doesn't go off into a murderous rage. Not to mention he has, Ma'Shallah, one of the top 3 most glorious beards on the web and deep, soulfully, kind eyes. I implore you to watch the entire thing, because the ending is fantastic.

Wasn't that great? So that's the most important news story in the world right now. Afridi bit into a ball and brought shame upon all of Pakistan. Or not, I don't know, back off me.

As you can tell we're trying to learn how to ride this bike again or some other fitting metaphor here. We appreciate you bearing with us as we figure out which way to go. I can promise that we will post more frequently so please do come back every 6 months or so and do not be afraid to comment. A shout out to Afza Joher for convincing me to get off my ass.