Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Jabawockeez Are Better


Here is the video of Diversity's final performance. If you don't know and just about 10 minutes ago I didn't, Diversity is the dance crew that won Britain's Got Talent, beating out Susan Boyle who sang that song and it was all great and everyone cried and blah blah blah talent shows suck. If it's talent you're looking for I think the only place to find it is on Star Search, what other talent show gave us Justin Randall Timberlake? He may have lost on Star Search, but he won the heart of girls...around the world! Anyways, Diversity was pretty average, you know, for a superstar dance crew. Give me Jabawockeez any day. Hell, I'll even take Shaqawockeez.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Needs More Vocoder

Yo Son, It'S dJ kIlLaFaM gIvInG yOu ThE nEwEsT hItS aNd RiGhT nOw I gOt FoR yA'lL aN EXCLUSIVE 'sclusive 'sclusive 'sclusive 'sclusive fRoM mY bOyS tHe YoUnG CoNs RePpIn' JeSuS ChRiSt aNd RePuBlIcAn DuDeS...ShOuT oUt To ThE sTrEeTs It'S tHe YoUnG CoNs, Ya'heARd?

What if that's how I really was? The above video as you may have deciphered is of a douchetastic new hip-hop group; The Young Cons. Don't be fooled, the con is short for conservative, they are guilty of no crime but I'm guessing you can attribute at least 3 date rapes to these two fellows but I suppose that's less of a crime and more of a conflict of interest. My favorite part is the subliminal message at 45 seconds (mainly because I didn't want to watch the entire thing a second time) who wouldn't want to support life if it wears a santa hat!?!

Props to Ainy for the link, Respec!